"I can be found where creative imagination, fantasy and free thinking is needed."

Surrounded by a stylish grandmother's closet, apparel manufacturing facilities, beautiful homes and late his fathers' art doodles; ignited O'Neal's creative imagination, love for art, design, textiles, architecture and interiors.

O’Neal studied Womenswear at Bauder College in Atlanta, Georgia.

After a corsetry class in college, creating costumes for Mill Mountain Theatre's production of "42nd Street" and working for Betsey Johnson early in his career, endorsed his true love of story-telling, whimsy and fantasy.

"My artistic nature has a much more spiritual quality to it."


Once labeled a "master of lines," O'Neal's work spans from fashion and costume design to fashion styling, product development and creative direction.

O'Neal has been involved with a multitude of creative moments with notable apparel brands. Equipped with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry and realizing clients' visions, his career took off as Associate Designer for the audaciously comical fashion house "Heatherette." 


Throughout the years Wyche managed an outerwear design house under GIII Apparel Group where he trained his eye for womenswear and menswear tailoring; designed and developed apparel for Kid Robot, Victoria's Secret, Guess, Kenneth Cole and commissioned for costumes by Daymond John and film director Constantine Venetopoulos.

He continues to inspire others to love self, never compromise uniqueness and encourage to stand up and speak out, while lending a helping and voice with the hashtag #CelebrateYourUniqueness.

O'Neal is in the 'light work' of continuing to encourage others to live life authentically, while artfully depicting the mystic dimensions of consciousness, coaxing you into a magical paradox of spiritual epiphanies and beautiful bizarre frenzies as he continues to develop his true art form.

May 10, 2018

O'Neal Wyche shares his favorite moments of inspiration from the Costume Institute’s Spring 18 Exhibition - Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and The Catholic Imagination

January 5, 2017

Designer O'Neal Wyche shares his experience on how he made it back to New York to collaborate on this project; after allowing the city and the fashion industry to devour him whole and strip the little faith he had left in him to follow his dreams.

October 28, 2016

O'Neal shares his unfortunate experience being bullied as a kid, which transended into a very valuable life lesson.

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