Emerald Dish Protection Intention Candle carries with it high vibrational protective properties to repel negative influences and undesirable circumstances; while activating faith, will and determination.


Black is the color of endings and release, making it ideal for workings related to ending unwanted habits, marking the end of a particular phase in life and dissolving obstacles or unwanted circumstances. Black aids with transitions and transformations; lending stability to help one stay grounded and focused in the midst of upheaval.


This candle when activated is useful to reduce anxiety, banish negativity from yourself and your home, shielding yourself from external negativity; while increasing or reinforcing personal power, transformation and promoting independence.  


Properties: Physical and spiritual protection against feelings of guilt and fear. Removal of negative blocks. Promotes liberation and positive transformation. 


For those who truly resonate with this candle, it can be the ultimate aid in raising one’s vibration frequency.


Activation: Pair this candle with 396Hz frequency sounds (see link below) and the above "How To Activate Candle" video.


Focus on what you wish to banish for a truly transformative experience.


396Hz | Let Go Fear & Guilt | Remove Negative Blocks | Balance Root Chakra | Solfeggio Frequency Music



Emerald Dish Protection Intention Candle

  • Aroma Notes: Pine Floral Sage, Bergamot, Vetiver, Lime and Whole Cloves

    Materials: Premium-grade paraffin wax + cotton lead-free wick

    Burn Time: 25-35 hours

    Diameter: 2.25in x Height: 2.5in

    Volume: 3.5 fl oz

    All Intention Candles are hand-made, poured in small batches and finished with hand selected herbs in the USA.