Ombre Harmony & Patience Tumbler Intention Candle carries with it high vibrational healing energies that promote balance in health and emotions; offering spiritual support during convalescence. Harmonizing your body, healing heart/throat chakras and purification on all levels.


Blue is a healing color, that bring about peace, calm, tranquility and patience; helping us learn to "go with the flow" of life's unexpected twists and turns. It is the ideal candle color for releasing stuck emotions, helping to discover and speak inner truths -And understand previously hidden truths about seemingly complex situations.


This blended candle when activated is useful for manifesting and maintaining harmony—especially harmony within the home and within one’s self. Enhancing communication, understanding, tolerance and love.


Properties: Resolves anxiety in the mind and body, protection from disharmony and negative vibrations. Reduces insomnia and aids in dream remembrance. Examination and resolutions to difficult emotions, promoting loyalty, sincerity, faith, devotion, reliability, trust and stability.


For those who truly resonate with this candle, it can be the ultimate aid in raising one’s vibrational frequency.


Activation: Pair this candle with 639Hz frequency sounds (see link below) and the above "How To Activate Candle" video.


Focus on what you wish to create for a truly transformative experience.


639 Hz | Create Harmonious Relationships | Attract Love | Solfeggio Frequency Music


** Add an extra energetic boost to your candle with Blue Aventurine, Calcite, Blue/Green Flourite, Emerald Labradorite, Green Aventurine or any other blue/green mineral stone during candle activation.

Ombre Harmony & Patience Tumbler Intention Candle

  • Aroma Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Water Lily, Amber and Cedarwood

    Materials: Premium-grade paraffin wax + cotton lead-free wick

    Burn Time: 40-50 hours

    Diameter: 3in x  Height: 3.5in 

    Volume: 5 fl oz

    All Intention Candles are hand-made, poured in small batches and finished with hand selected herbs in the USA.