Mind & Body Healing Bath carries with it high vibrational healing energies that will enhance your ability to relax, so that your mind can work in tandem with your body to hasten your recovery.


A spiritual bath is not like a regular bath where we cleanse our bodies with water and soap. Instead, a spiritual bath is about cleansing the mind and spirit. Carefully selected, powerful ingredients are used that will alter the bathwater so that it has healing vibrations.


When it comes to healing from any illness, injury or activity, one's state of mind is absolutely crucial-after all, the power of our thoughts is what creates our reality. When these ailments begins to bring you down emotionally; this magical blend of ingredients when activated are useful for strengthening your body and providing sustenance to your soul.


Properties: Heals tissues and regenerates organs. Relieves pain and stress; repairing your entire system.


For those who truly resonate with this healing bath, it can be the ultimate aid in raising one’s vibrational frequency.


Activation: Pair this blend with 285Hz frequency sounds (see link below) and the above "How To Activate Bath".


Focus on what you wish to create for a truly transformative experience.


285 Hz | Enhances Immune System | Heals and Regenerates Tissues | Solfeggio Frequency Music



** Add an extra energetic boost to your candle with Barite, Celestine, Jet, Sapphire, Sunstone or Tiffany Stone during bath activation.

Mind & Body Healing Bath

  • Aroma Notes: Lavender, Frankincense and Jasmine

    Ingredients & Benefits: Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Essential Oils, Lavender Petals, Jasmine Petals and Forget-Me-Not Flowers


    Epsom Salt: Help the body get rid of toxins responsible for inflammation while also reducing swelling, stiffness, and pain.

    Sea Salt: Purification of the body and skin. Relieves achy muscles and stimulates circulation.

    Lavender Oil: Promotes relaxation and resolves anxiety, depression, insomnia, eczema and nausea. Lavender sends a clearing and calming message to the brain making it a natural sedative.

    Frankincense Oil: Promotes smooth skin as an effective natural anti-​acne and anti-wrinkle remedy. Spiritually brings a sense of peace, relaxation, grounding and connectedness to your entire system; encouraging freedom of expression and clarity.

    Lavender Petals: Improve mood disorders. Helps with anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Boost sleep, soothe menstrual cramping.  and improve skin health. Symbolizes purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace and calmness.

    Jasmine Petals: Increase skin's elasticity and help balance moisture in the skin to naturally reduce dryness. Promotes relaxation and aids in skin immunity. Symbolizes love, beauty or sensuality.

    Forget-Me-Nots: Natural antioxidant. Deeply hydrates the skin, forming a smooth, thin moisture coating that keeps the skin moist. Symbolizes true love and respect.

    Bag Volume: 3.32 fl oz

    Our healing baths are hand-made, blended in small batches and finished with hand selected herbs in the USA.