Peace and Hope Crystal Star Intention Candle carries with it high vibrational healing energies that initiate hope, rebirth and clarity. Undoing emotional patterns; while restoring peace, harmony and purity to your life.


Grey is the quintessential color of balance and can help whenever matters arise that challenge one's sense of serenity and composure. As a midpoint between the colors white and black, grey contains properties of each; delivering protection from negativity and binding, removing or neutralizing negative influences.


This candle when activated helps you to take a step back, cool off a bit, slow down and go inward. Helps maintain a calm reserve and patience when dealing with unknown outcomes. It also aids with releasing attachments to people, situations, outcomes and can soothe loneliness. 


Properties: Neutralize negative influences in your life. Improves endurance during difficult circumstances and resolve conflicts or situations that require compromise. Manifest beauty (internal and external), artistic inspiration and facilitate your communication processes.


For those who truly resonate with this candle, it can be the ultimate aid in raising one’s vibration frequency.


Activation: Pair this candle with 417Hz frequency sounds (see link below) and the above "How To Activate Candle" video.


Focus on what you wish to create for a truly transformative experience.


417Hz | Wipes Out All The Negative Energy | Solfeggio Frequency Music

Peace & Hope Crystal Star Intention Candle

  • Aroma Notes: Eucalyptus, Clove, Cypress, Patchouli and Dried Cedarwood

    Materials: Premium-grade paraffin wax + cotton lead-free wick

    Burn Time: 20-25 hours

    Diameter: 3.5in x  Height: 2.25in 

    Volume: 3 fl oz

    All Intention Candles are hand-made, poured in small batches and finished with hand selected herbs in the USA.